Labs that Become Legends    


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Naula is the daughter of Bella and Legend. She carries on the wonderful personality traits of her parents - eager to please, mellowness, excellent train-ability, and a beautiful white coat, blocky build and square head. 


Weight: 75 lbs 


Sugar is our biggest female, has a beautiful white coat and black pigment. Sugar is very eager to please and never ventures too far from my side. 


Weight: 80 lbs 


Tessa is a very mellow and mild mannered dog. She is eager to please and loves to be where the people are. She has a smaller build, yet still maintains a good head and blocky build. 

Weight: 60 lbs


Ellie is the daughter of Legend and Daisy. She has a fun personality and loves to explore. Ellie is a medium sized dog with a square head and thick through the chest. 


Weight: 70 lbs



Mia is a very sweet and obedient dog. She naturally heeled from the time she was a pup. Mia is a very mellow dog and is perfect with our kids. 


65 lbs 

Bella - Retired 

Bella is the most kind hearted and well mannered lab we own.

Bella is very teachable, smart, and extremely eager to please.


Weight: 7o lbs

Age: 4

DAISY - Retired 

Daisy is a sweet lab who loves the attention of our family.

Daisy is an excellent mother raising well built and very mellow puppies.


Weight: 65 lb

Age: 6